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vicmac04 updating
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I have Windows XP. When I try to update Adobe Air 2.x from Secunia, it starts to open the Adobe (I assume) website, then the window comes up to download the update, but then everything closes and nothing happens. Actually I just tried it with all 4 threats listed - Adobe Air 2.x, Adobe Flash Player 10.x, Apple Quick Time 7.x, Sun Java JRE 1.6.x/6.x - I get the same thing. The website starts to open and the download box comes up,,,but then both website and download box vanish???

thedillpickl RE: updating
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Hi vicmac04;

I have tried to find the thread in which Emil Petersen gave this solution, but have had no success. Perhaps it was not Emil, my mind is not what it used to be. :)

First try clearing the browser cache/data. If unsuccessful, try a different browser or file download manager. (I've used this with good results: )

If that doesn't help, post back for more help.



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vicmac48 RE: updating
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Thanks so much for your input, Fred! For some reason I couldn't get my history to delete, it just kept running. But finally got all the threats updated and removed :) .
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