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DLiely Security Certificate error
Member 27th Aug, 2010 08:05
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I just started getting a message today while Secunia tried to load that "An error occurred while verifying the Security certificate. Cannot continue execution."Ihave Kaspersky 2011 loaded since about a week ago.

I uninstalled and reinstalled PSI to no avail.Has anyone else had this problem lately?


This user no longer exists RE: Security Certificate error
Member 27th Aug, 2010 09:03
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TiMow RE: Security Certificate error
Dedicated Contributor 27th Aug, 2010 10:39
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In addition to the above reply which deals with PSI's need to use IE as default, this could also relate to your new installation of Kapersky. If Emil's advice doesn't solve your problem, then maybe you need to check some of the Kepersky seetings - although after a week since installation, it could be something else.

I use a different a security program, and recently had an update that required a restart - happens from time to time, in addition to the daily virus-scan updates, which don't.

After the restart, came a pop-up window stating that the following program (PSI), was trying to connect to the internet and had been blocked - I was given several options, of which unblock was chosen.

This seemed strange, as for a long time everything had functioned as it should, and on opening my security program it was completely different - as if a new installation (which effectively it was) - without any info. or warning from the vendor - particularly annoying as some features were not reproduced in the update (including my password vault, whose contents are now lost).

Under the Firewall section I have a sub-heading of program permissions (free in/out internet access), where PSI and other programs can be added or removed.

If you have something similar with your Kapersky, it may be worth a check.


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mogs RE: Security Certificate error
Member 27th Aug, 2010 11:14
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I think it might be worth observing/noting, that IE8 (?) needs not be your default browser, but, as previously referred to, it's ( IE's) settings need be configured for psi to work. I've found; particularly in the case of psi, that it seems to be advantageous to set IE as default until psi is installed successfully, and then to revert to your preferred my case, Chrome dev.
Having a similar security set-up to Ti-Mow ( by the sounds of it )...I can concur with those observations concerning. I had an instance recently when trying to install my broadband software etc., that I had to reset firewall configurations to default; and Secunia was one of the progs that took more time to reinstate.
You do not say what security you were using prior to your recent change; but unless the previous occupant is thoroughly removed, it may be that conflicts are beginning to manifest themselves.

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