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Stardock Fences 1.x

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shadowwoodhoa Fenes 1 x in Psi scan
Member 27th Aug, 2010 12:46
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I cannot seem to get this program off of the psi scan. The program has been completely uninstalled and is not even in the file location but psi keeps showing it,

How do i get this off the scan results since it has been uninstalled from the computer?

mogs RE: Fenes 1 x in Psi scan
Member 27th Aug, 2010 12:56
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Tho' you update a prog, or remove it : old versions/files oft get left behind.....psi will continue to detect them even if they still reside in the Recycle bin.
You need to provide details of the file path of the insecurity. If not already doing so....switch to the Advanced interface : top right of the psi panel: Simple/Advanced.
When you click on the + sign alongside an entry, it will expand to reveal the path....another click on Tech Details, will confirm it. If uncertain how to proceed, post back the info., together with any other info you think may be useful....most notably: Operating System and psi version number.
Hope this helps...regards,

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