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bjm__ Odd PSI install ?
Member 27th Aug, 2010 18:17
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Hello all,
I have installed PSI on several PC's for friends, neighbors etc.
Never had a problem.
Well, never say never.
Installed PSI > Advanced Mode > State of Programs populated > Graphics rendered.
Flash Player was insecure, following required protocol....uninstall insecure with Flash removal tool & installed Flash update - now secure.
But, now PSI graphics do not render. I get link for Flash Player where polls should be.
Did the reboot rescan as luck.
Might this be a chicken / egg thingy.
Do I need one to recognize the other ?
PSI did render polls with insecure Flash ver ....after uninstall / install - lost the polls...
Might it be I need to reinstall Flash Player or reinstall PSI or ?


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TiMow RE: Odd PSI install ?
Dedicated Contributor 27th Aug, 2010 18:52
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Hi bjm

There is a similar thread (currently unresolved) running at the moment showing same symptoms as you've described, on W7 OS - is your problem also on W7?

Without wishing to undermine your obvious knowledge, here are a couple of thoughts:

- did you use IE to download/install Flash(ActiveX)

- could there be a conflict between 64bit (IE?) and 32bit (PSI?)? (if applicable)

- if you downloaded direct from Adobe Get Flash site, have you considered filehippo (comes without DLM)?

As you've already written that the PSI graphics worked with old, insecure flash, the problem does seem to point to the new update.

If none of the above strikes a chord, and no other solutions are apparent, maybe consider running the uninstall flash one more time, then reboot, open PSI Overview tab and click on the Download Flash for IE link, instead of manually downloading - although this will undoubtedly take you directly to the Adobe site, complete with the un-needed DLM.

Good luck


EDIT: One final thought - did you fully exit PSI from the tray icon, before uninstall and fresh install of current version?

Computing is not yet a perfect science - it still requires humans.
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bjm__ RE: Odd PSI install ?
Member 27th Aug, 2010 21:28
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Hello TiMow
Thnx for touching all the bases with me...
Vista 32bit, not W7

I've done the update so often...not thinking any more, I may have missed a step....
Sometimes, I pull from filehippo ... sometimes, I pull from Adobe...
I'll just take a "do-over" and see what happens.

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thedillpickl RE: Odd PSI install ?
Contributor 28th Aug, 2010 05:17
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Hi bjm & TiMow;

About TiMow's final thought: The stop PSI and restart is one that gets more people. Remember also, PSI uses the Flash ActiveX and will retain the old .ocx file.

The quickie for those who know:

> Stop PSI and browsers (possibly other stuff).
> Use removal tool.
> Install Flash how ever you wish.
> After Flash is installed start PSI (or stop/restart) and scan.

Presto - changeo!


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bjm__ RE: Odd PSI install ?
Member 29th Aug, 2010 04:04
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Hello Tread et al
I started this Topic re > Odd PSI Install....
and can now assert for all that come by this Thread...
It was Gremlins....just those little mischievous Gremlins...
I did nothing....well, I tell a fib. I did one hard Shut Down.
Previous re-boots after PSI install and subsequent program fixes were all soft restarts.
One hard Shut Down and my PSI Gremlins lost interest and went home.
"Had I kept silent I would have passed for a wise man."
Thnx all....
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