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Sakerhet Secunia doesn't recognize patch, part II (in full scan)
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When I run a full scan Secunia recognize Acrobat.exe as version

Windows 7 (X64) states in the file options tab the version is But when Secunia runs a "rescan" for just that single file it is recognized as safe and the version is claimed to be

Whenever I do a complete rescan in Secunia Acrobat is again on the "insecure page" and recognized as version

What is the difference between a full scan and a rescan and why does neither state the actual file version (

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Anthony Wells RE: Secunia doesn't recognize patch, part II (in full scan)
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@Sakerhet ,

This problem (or very similar) has occured with previous updates to Adobe Acrobat 8.x .

You may well need Secunia to update their their detection rules ; they will be back to work on the PSI on Monday next . If they do not pick up this thread at that time , you may wish to contact them direct by Email at

Technically the PSI uses the .exe file to "recognise" the programme , but the .dll file to "recognise" the version and tell you if your are fully patched or not .

The version of the .exe is "insecure" , as far as I know .

So , whilst waiting for Secunia and using the PSI in "advanced" , here are some points to consider :-
is there more than one version of your Acrobat showing ?? if so in which "tab(s)" do it/they appear ?? What is/are the "installation path(s))" and version number(s) ??


PS : AFAIK , the rescan just rechecks the file data as is , while the full scan resets and rechecks all data and compares it to the Secunia data base . They will probably explain ti better/correctly on Monday


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This user no longer exists RE: Secunia doesn't recognize patch, part II (in full scan)
Member 30th Aug, 2010 14:40

When the PSI runs a full scan, occasionally information from older versions (perhaps on a backup drive) can be included in the scan, which can lead it to detect an improper version number. The local rescan only scans the current directory. The PSI does not always take the version information directly from the main executable, but instead use "version dependency rules", where we take the information we need from a secondary file, in this case (as Anthony correctly remarked), the file "Acrobat.dll".

This issue is a known bug, and a fix is being considered for future versions. As a workaround, I suggest using the local rescan to pick up the relevant version information.

hope this helps.
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