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GeorgeButel Getting rid of false Psi insecure Chrome error
Member 30th Aug, 2010 00:57
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There are several threads that report this error. Before reading the threads, I tried updating Chrome, more than five times, the first two from the PSI interface, then from Firefox and IE, then I tried uninstalling/reinstalling Chrome via the control panel, and PSI still showed an insecure Chrome, I uninstalled Chrome with Revo, but the error persisted. Then I thought maybe it was a Secunia error, so I uninstalled/reinstalled PSI. That did not work either. Then I found a couple of threads here, one which suggested multiple installations of Chrome from Firefox; that did not work. One mentioned that the problem was the old file at C:\Users\[name]\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\Applic ation\5.0.375.x, and, yes, mine, even after using Revo, still had the 5.0.375.126 as well as the .127 folders in AppData\\\\\, so I will be complaining to Revo about it not finding any folders. I deleted the .126 folder manually, but the error persisted. Then, realizing that Revo had not worked properly with Chrome, after uninstalling Chrome again, I looked in C:\Program Files (x86)\Google\Chrome\Application\ and found a 5.0.375.126 and a .127 folder, so Revo had not shown me the Chrome program file folder either, so I deleted that manually, and reinstalled Chrome and PSI again, and, finally, the error is resolved.
It looks like manual deletion of the two Chrome folders, one via AppData, the other via Program Files (x86), solves the problem for sure.

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mogs RE: Getting rid of false Psi insecure Chrome error
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Maybe I've missed something in your account of events, but the updating of Chrome should be a relatively simple matter.
You don't seem to be aware that if you click on the right of Chrome interface....and then again on "About Google Chrome " it will check for updates ? If there is one available, it's a matter of close/restart the browser for it to take effect.
The older file/version is left behind, as you know; it should be just a matter of Start/Computer C:/users/name so on and so forth to find that, and delete it.
Psi will continue to detect items even if they still reside in the Recycle you should clear that too before rescanning.
When/if you have difficulties in future, could you please include details of your OS and what version of psi you are using: the info is of use often in resolving matters.
It might also be worth noting here for future reference; that Secunia doesn't monitor beta/dev versions ( in case you decide to switch).
Following is a link to the FAQ's which is worth keeping handy :-

Hope this helps........regards,

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GeorgeButel RE: Getting rid of false Psi insecure Chrome error
Member 30th Aug, 2010 09:26
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I had solved the problem, but in doing so, had noticed several different locked threads that had the same issue, but their suggestions had not solved it for me, which is why I posted. I had emptied the recycle bin also, and I had tried updating Chrome from Chrome, as well as from PSI, and Firefox, and even IE, after having read one post that suggested that multiple installations of it would solve the problem. I even tried doing it from my admin account: even though my user acct has admin privileges, some software installations, like some Windows updates, don't work except in the admin acct. For me, I decided to manually delete the one old installation file mentioned in one of those posts, discovering that the culprit in my case was a different Chrome folder with an old installation file. I have a 64 bit Vista Ultimate.

and others.

If there are any admins for this forum, I would strongly suggest taking all these separate posts and putting them in one place, and perhaps coming up with a protocol for fixing the problem (getting Google to hire a new software developer might help), because it is obviously a common problem.

It doesn't interfere with any functionality; it is mainly aesthetic, to see PSI telling you that you have an unpatched "threat" when you don't. The real hazard is that you then start ignoring it, and when a new version comes around, you might not realize soon enough. It's not a problem for me since I get alerts from cnet and other places, and I usually even beat them to the punch on my updates. I'm a belt and suspenders kind of person.
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