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christine3 fixing insecure problem doesn't work
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When I try to fix a firefox which is under insecure I do the suggested fix and it doesn't work. Last week I removed the program and installed a new firefox. It still says same message which is:
Installation Path
C:\Program Files\Dell KACE\Secure Browser (Firefox)\Secure Browser (Firefox with plugins)\Firefox\Files\C\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\firefox.exe
Thank you Anthony for helping on the other programs which were giving me the same problem. They all repaired with your suggestions but this is a persistent problem.

Anthony Wells RE: fixing insecure problem doesn't work
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Hello again Christine3 ,

Most pleased to hear that you got the rest cleaned up :))

I am not familiar with the KACE Secure Browser :-

They do have a support link on their website and maybe they can tell you the best way to deal with the file selected by the PSI .

You don't say if Firefox 3.6.8*** is showing in the "patched" tab of the PSI , nor which version of Ff is showing in the insecure tab with the interminable "installation path" .

A quick fix would be to navigate to the file showing as insecure and add the suffix _old after the .....\firefox.exe so forming ....\firefox.exe_old

Then do a full rescan and you should be 100% . If this stops KACE working correctly you can retrace your steps and remove the suffix .

*** Please note that Firefox 3.6.8 currently has category 4 vulnerability with no solution and will show as such in the PSI "secure browsing" tab ; more info here :-

Let us know what KACE have to say ; I personally consider that virtualisation and sandbox software are extremely useful (if not essential) tools when wild surfing the www.

Let us know how you go !!


PS : can you see the out of date .exe file if you simply go to the C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\... folder : ie : the tail end of the installation path ?? Is it there along with the version 3.6.8 .exe file ??

EDIT : The video on the KACE website (linked above) has some user advice and from 8 minutes onwards showsz what it is reading about Ff - it may help you locate/delete the "insecure" file .


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