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dantesoft Results UI suggestions
Member 2nd Sep, 2010 19:19
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I propose the following changes to the UI of the Scan Results page:
- a filter textbox like the Search box in Control Panel\Programs and Features to quickly locate apps
- app details to be shown on clicking anywhere on the row, not just in the first column (+); the mouse click should toggle
- the app details popup window on double-click should be a regular window, not just float inside the main Secunia PSI window
- inside app details window, the "open instalation folder" action should be default on double-clicking the path

Anthony Wells RE: Results UI suggestions
Expert Contributor 2nd Sep, 2010 21:18
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Hello @dantesoft ,

Interesting how different eyes view things in that I would disagree entirely with your first three suggestions ; not to say whether either of us is correct :)))

Your fourth I would support to the extent that the two options - "open folder" and "ignore program" - are equally relevant and often missed by new users anyway and have now "gotten" even more lost ; I think Emil Petersen has taken note of this .

My old eyes like the new GUI in general .

Take care



It always seems impossible until its done.
Nelson Mandela
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This user no longer exists RE: Results UI suggestions
Member 3rd Sep, 2010 12:05

Thank you for your feedback.

I have forwarded all your suggestions to our developers.
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