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dantesoft Open folder doesn't go to destination
Member 2nd Sep, 2010 19:34
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After opening the Google Chrome 6.x details popup window, I right-clicked and selected "Open folder" on the old zombie installation of c:\Users\user\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\Applicat ion\5.0.375.127\chrome.dll.
The folder opened was C:\Users\user\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\Applicat ion, instead. Shouldn't 5.0.375.127 be opened? The same happened when opening the folder for ...\6.0.472.53\chrome.dll

PS: Please consider opening the folder with the target file used in the detection (here, chrome.dll) already selected.

Anthony Wells RE: Open folder doesn't go to destination
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Hello again @dantesoft ,

I had not noticed this , but just checked with my Google gears entry (no Chrome entry as I have the Dev channel version atm) ; like you , the opening to the App. folder rather than the version number folder which contains the .dll file is not logical to me .

I suppose one could say that you delete the entire version folder and not just the .dll ; but highlighting the App folder might cause the careless to delete the bigger folder - not good as that takes the .exe file as well .

I hope Secunia pick this up and can comment tomorrow on the reason for this change or revert to the original format .

Take care



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This user no longer exists RE: Open folder doesn't go to destination
Member 3rd Sep, 2010 13:47

Thank you for noticing this. I have filed a report for this bug.
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