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ddmarshall EMET V2.0 and EOL Software
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Users who need to run End-of-Life Software may be interested in the Enhanced Mitigation Experience Toolkit V2 which was released by Microsoft recently. This tool can reduce the possibility of vulnerabilities being successfully exploited.
Read more here:
Download from here:

I've applied all the mitigations to Adobe Reader and had no problems so far.


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Anthony Wells RE: EMET V2.0 and EOL Software
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Hi ddmarshall ,

Thanks for the heads up , but I have a problem .

I'm not stupid and I can understand technical presentations ; however , if I look up a WebDAV or an SMB server , I can understand what I read but I have not the slightest idea what it means and how to apply it to detect a malicious (one or the other) server , website ; and an infected file !? I would not be able to see/detect it even if I fell over it or at least not until it bit me and that's too late .

I also hear mention of this being useful to Windows systems admins ; so how am I a/effected by it all at home with my PC and a neighbour who uses her WiFi to connect to my PC/modem "networker" which is in the internet zone of my Security Suite ??. If I run this "stuff" how would I know if it works ?? Will I get a seriuosly misplaced sense of security ??

You will be happy to know that I am not expecting you to know or have time to answer these questions as I cannot find them for myself and I'm good at/renowned for my resaerch .

The Inquirer article showing in Mog's CClip 21 sums up my frustration but does not resolve my lacunae ; I you have any of your expertise and light to shed , I should be grateful as I am sure would the millions of our equally dazed and confused readers :)) :-

Take care



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ddmarshall RE: EMET V2.0 and EOL Software
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I agree that it is difficult to follow the literature on malware unless you have a working knowledge of the Intel architecture, Windows internals and C programming. I've never come across a simple guide. That said, the user guide that downloads with EMET gives a reasonably straightforward description of what it does (with diagrams).

Most of the features in it are available in Windows 7 or are enforcing best practice on programs. Unless you have to use end-of-life software which might have unpatchable vulnerabilities, it's probably only for the more paranoid who want to catch things their antivirus misses. If it was activated and something got through, the most likely thing you would see would be an application crash.

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RE: EMET V2.0 and EOL Software
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