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PSI 2.0 Beta

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vamsi3001 Malware
Member 6th Sep, 2010 04:50
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however its regarding protection. if malware scanning to remove them is present it would be more better.

vamsi thota

This user no longer exists RE: Malware
Member 6th Sep, 2010 11:02

The PSI is not a Malware scanner. The goal of the PSI is to scan your system, and apply all needed Security Fixes. Most Malware relies on the prescence of Insecure Software to take over your system, and thus running the PSI, and installing updates where recommended, can greatly help you avoid Malware infection.

However, the PSI makes no attempt to identify Malware already on your system. For more information about the PSI, please see:

hope this helps.
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RE: Malware
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theater61 RE: Malware
Member 7th Sep, 2010 01:40
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Someone using Sun Java update manager as a trojan

My security software has isolated 2 attempts at trojan uploads by Sun Java update manager.

Someone needs to slap these goons upside the head!

2nd time....

Sun Java seems to be experiencing problems obviously!
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