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Skystew Sun Java
Member 8th Sep, 2010 07:15
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I have downloaded the 'solution' to a problem I'm having with Sun Java. Afterwards, as suggested I run a complete scan. Upon completion the Sun Java is still there & it then tells me to come to the 'Forum' I am. Anybody have any solutions to this annoyancing problem?


mogs RE: Sun Java
Member 8th Sep, 2010 08:17
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Whenever contacting the forum could you please provide as much information as possible.....Operating System you are using: version of psi etc... It will often help someone to help you.
Are you using psi with the Advanced interface or the new Beta version ?
Both give access to more information.
If you click on the + sign alongside an entry/insecurity it will expand to reveal the file path.....that is often required to resolve a problem.
Generally, whenever a program is updated, it will leave behind the older version/file.
With regard to Java: here is a link to a thread :-
If you read thro' M. Joyce's post particularly; it should be of assistance.

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F_BIG RE: Sun Java
Member 8th Sep, 2010 08:24
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Take a look at JavaRA from - download and source hosted on SourceForge at

It is built to clean up Java Upgrade leftovers, can launch the update and will remove the !@#$%^&*()_+ sun download tool. [IMOHO that download tool could be use for nefarious purposes....]

Does that and is fairly fast. I only use it *after* Java upgrades come out, *or* when I run on to one of those packages who just have to have a certain version of Java to work and install that version behind your back. PSI tells me when they don't tell me and JavaRA get them.
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