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PSI 2.0 Beta

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TimM Cannot resize window
Member 9th Sep, 2010 18:37
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Nice and neat install and interface. Kudos!

Installed PSI 2.0 Beta on MSI Netbook (1024 x 600). Cannot completely view sub-windows (opening additional info and details in scan results or settings window) nor can they be resized. A scrolling elevator would be nice.

Any suggestions or work-arounds?


This user no longer exists RE: Cannot resize window
Member 10th Sep, 2010 09:25

Based on my tests, all windows should be re-sizeable. Which specific part of the PSI user interface are you refering too?
And if possible, can up send us a screenshot of the problem to, or upload it to an image host and post it here?

If you are having general problems, following the steps outlined in this item of our FAQ might help:

hope this helps.
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