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Reno Bill Failure to report Picasa status correctly
Member 10th Sep, 2010 00:16
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PSI V1.5.0.2, on an XP/SP3 machine, reported that Picasa needed updating. I checked via Picasa, which informed me I had the current version. I then used the PSI update link to update Picasa, rescanned the file, and PSI said that the program still appeared to be out of date.

The PSI path is to I:\Picasa\Google\Picasa3\Picasa3.exe, which is correct. I use this partition for virtually all downloaded programs, nearly all of which PSI has no trouble with.

This happens with more programs than it should. Welcome comments on how to fix, if it is possible. Thx in advance.

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TiMow RE: Failure to report Picasa status correctly
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Hi again Reno Bill

Did you re-boot before re-scanning? - the program update may only be recognised by PSI after such. To check go to Patched tab (Advanced) and look for the current version number there.

But, it is also common for Google software (Chrome, Picassa) to leave the old insecure file after updating. If you click the following thread link, the solution I offered for a similar case may or may not have solved the problem for that user. But it might work for you.


PS: I think even though the location is on your "I" drive, it shouldn't complicate the issue if it is for normal use and not back-up or restore purposes.

PS 2: In general, when PSI alerts me to a program insecurity that requires updating, I open that program and click "Check for Updates" from Help menu (and not PSI Download Solution), and go from there - I find it throws up less anomalies doing it this way.

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Reno Bill RE: Failure to report Picasa status correctly
Member 10th Sep, 2010 08:12
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I read the recommended thread, and followed its suggestions. It turns out that Picasa under the patched tab states that PSI has not detected any missing security patches for this program, and that no further action is required.

Under the insecure tab, however, Picasa is still listed.

It turns out that the tabs point to different partitions, and that by accident, when I updated Picasa a couple of versions ago, I installed it in the wrong partition. So the two tabs are looking at different versions of Picasa in different partitions.

I just updated again (there is serendipitously a new version, 3.8, just released), into the correct partition. Then I deleted the extra version in the wrong partition. Voila! PSI removed Picasa from the insecure tab, and the patched tab shows that all is ok, in the right partition.

Thanks for pointing me in the right direction to resolve this issue.
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