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Jens Greisen Updates
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When I run psi secunia 2 threts commes up Adobe 9.3.4 and utorrent Adobe is updatet and utorrent is not on my computer. shal I stop using Secunia and uninstall it??

This user no longer exists RE: Updates
Member 10th Sep, 2010 09:35
Last edited on 10th Sep, 2010 09:35 Hi,

I asume that by "Adobe" you mean "Adobe Reader". If so, the latest version secure version is 9.3.4, which you appear to have installed. If you are using the PSI 1.5.x, please try to switch to Advanced mode, by clicking "Advanced" in the top right corner.

Is Adobe Reader showing up in both the Patched and Insecure tabs? If so, this means that while you have successfully installed the patch, the old version is still left over.

As for uTorrent, the PSI will never list a program that is not present somewhere on yoru computer. To see which file the PSI is detecting, simply click "+" to expand the entry, and read the field labeled "Installation Path". This field will indicate which file has used for detecting the prescence of uTorrent.

hope this helps.
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