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kalyanakumar1985 PSI is not Detecting Adobe Shockwave player 10.x EOF updation
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Hi folks,

I have updated Adobe Shockwave player 10.x EOF to shock wave player 11.But psi is saying "you are vulnerable"

Vulnerable file is SwOnce.dll in sytem32/macromed folder

But shockwave 11 is getting installed in system32/adobe/shockwave11

Why PSI is not detecting this kind of folder changes?

I am using PSI hope it will get correct in next version

Anthony Wells RE: PSI is not Detecting Adobe Shockwave player 10.x EOF updation
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Hello kalyanakumar1985 .

My up to date Shockwave 11 is only showing in the ..\System32\Adobe\... folder in the Director and Shockwave sub-folders .

I only have the Flash Folder in my ..\Ststem32\Macromed\.. folder and no Sw files .

At this stage I would navigate to the insecure file and rename it by adding _old to the end of the file , creating ..\SwOnce.dll_old .

Run a full scan (reboot if possoible) and this should stop it being detected by the PSI and the bad guys . If Shockwave behaves normally after this you could think about deleting the file .

Perhaps someone with technical knowledge will explain why the file is where it is ; maybe it was the location for Sw 10 . At one stage Sw10 was needed to play games and was compatible with 11 and Secunia had set their detection rules to allow for it ; if a programme still needs Sw10 to work , normally it will call for it to be installed .

Is your version in the "insecure" or "end of life" category ??

Hope this helps , if not ask again .



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