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PSI 2.0 Beta

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sim94 100% Score Now (At Last!!)
Member 10th Sep, 2010 18:43
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Yes you can get 100% in a secunia scan !.
The insecure programs in the 95% score I found were (all but one) in UBCD4WIN, which allows you to make a bootable CD that acts and looks like Windows (maybe mostly like Windows XP).
I have used this program to make a few boot CD's and tried the boot CD's (mainly after updates to UBCD4WIN). But although I Installed it in Windows 7 Home Premium (because it was on my latest Downloads DVD which was made when I was running VISTA). It is also in my archived DVD's from when I was running SE & XP & VISTA (but I would have used the latest VISTA version only).
I found the UNIST000.EXE in the UBCD4WIN program file and ran it to uninstall UBCD4WIN (then deleted the UBCD4WIN folder in program files for good measure!).
After this I found ReadIrisPro (a program installed as a part of my Camera software but not used!). So I removed it in Control Panel - Programs - Uninstall.
Then I ran PSI - scan and got the magic number!.
Anyone reading this should know this is not the complete story by a long chalk just the end bit. You will have to read my earlier threads (Windows Update Readiness tool etc).
It also means that my thoughts about PSI 2.0 Beta seeing uninstalled programs as insecure was totally wrong!!.
I did not always have too high a regard for the PSI 2.0 Beta but now I can say (after going through the Windows Update Readyness tool installation which was PSI's first BIG PLUS point) I cannot do without PSI 2.0 Beta, and it really gets to the "nitty gritty" of not only making a PC secure but also ensuring it can't make an insecure boot CD!!
Simon Yarwood

WINDOWS 7 Home Premium

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mogs RE: 100% Score Now (At Last!!)
Member 11th Sep, 2010 01:11
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Why not tick the box "Show System score " in your Secunia profile ?
You could also enter some info in the Signature field whilst you having to repeat details about your OS, etc., etc., whenever you contact the forum. All the best and regards,

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