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drpearce124 help with updating security on outlook and office
Member 11th Sep, 2010 07:02
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I have the message that I have a Cat 4 security issue with my outlook and office programs, but it just has me go to the help page and then what? I can't seem to find the information that I need to find just WHAT I am to download to make this go away--can anyone help me to get this remedied?

Clueless in Seattle

TiMow RE: help with updating security on outlook and office
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Hi drpearce124

I use neither of these M$ programs, but in the first instance I would from within each open program, select Check for Updates from the Help menu, to see if a newer version is available.

Also, again unfamiliar with the following personally, I know respected contributors to this forum recommend the use of Belarc Advisor, to help find any missing M$ KB updates.

Another option is to click on Programs on l.h.s. of this forum page, and from vendor dropdown, choose Microsoft, and then each program under product dropdown, and click Search.

This will give a list of similar related threads, which may prompt a solution to your problem(s).

Look for the most recent, and replies from @Maurice Joyce (red title "badge"), who is knowledgeable on this subject.

Because of time difference between CET and US Pacific, someone else may post a more definitive solution before you read this.


Edits to link address.

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Maurice Joyce RE: help with updating security on outlook and office
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What is your Operating System (OS) & SP?

Which version of PSI are U running?

Which version of Office are U using?

If using version 2003 or 2007 or 2010 they are "registered" with Windows Update. Are there any updates available if U run a manual Windows Update scan?

It would also be helpful to know the paths of the vulnerabilities.


To locate the exact file that the Secunia PSI has detected, use or switch to the ADVANCED interface, then :

1 Click on the + sign of the programme to "expand' it.
2 Click on Technical Details in the Toolbox to see the installation path of the detected file. (Copy (CTRL+C) & paste (CTRL+V) the Installation Path of the file back to the Forum if U are unsure what to do next.


From the DASHBOARD page click on RESULTS.

1. This will show U the file that is vulnerable.
2. Click the + sign next to the file.
3. This will reveal the path.
4. Highlight it then copy (CTRL+C) & then paste (CTRL+V) that path back to the Forum if U do not know what to do next.

Update 4 20:22 03/09/2010


Microsoft Surface 4 Intel i7 64Bit
Windows 10 Pro version 1809 Build 17763.404
IE & Edge Only
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This user no longer exists RE: help with updating security on outlook and office
Member 13th Sep, 2010 12:34

Office products are update via. Microsoft Update. To remedy security problems for Microsoft Products, try following the below procedure.

1) Check Microsoft Update, installing all missing security patches
2) Reboot
3) Repeat step 1), and repeat step 2) if anything was installed this time around
4) Run a full rescan with the PSI.

hope this helps.
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