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Houzer Some open source missing/64 Bit native edition?
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I can see that PSI may miss some programs which are *nix ports
(e.g. cygwin and some security related windows ports)
Hard to implement.

Besides that:
You may extend the scanner to system related drivers and software.
This is actual missing.

Is there a chance that there is a native 64 Bit edition ?
The UI feels a bit slow. (may be related to the beta status)
Translations may be a good idea indeed.

This user no longer exists RE: Some open source missing/64 Bit native edition?
Member 13th Sep, 2010 12:42

If you notice missing programs in the PSI, please submit a "software suggestion" to us. To achive this in the Secunia PSI 2.0 Beta, navigate to the Results tab, and click the "Are you missing a program?" button, which is located to the right, directly above the list of results. If you submit a file with version information that corrosponds to the actual version of the program, it should be possible for us to detect the programs in question.

There is no native 64-bit version of the PSI, but our general version should work on both architectures.

I suggest following the steps in this item of our FAQ if you feel the UI is slow:

Translation is definitively a goal for the Secunia 2.0 Final version, but it still requires manual labor, and may therefore take a while. Keep in mind the PSI 1.x translation was made by our fantastic volunteers! To see the list of PSI 1.x translators, simply look here:

hope this helps.
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