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Total Commander 7.x

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zuvuya totalcmd.exe misidentified
Member 11th Sep, 2010 16:48
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I am running Total Commander version 7.55a 32 bit (7.7.2010) by Christian Ghisler ( PSI identifies it as version and "End-of-Life."

The program path is C:\totalcmd\TOTALCMD.EXE

I have patched the program with the latest update and run PSI several times with the same result.

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mogs RE: totalcmd.exe misidentified
Member 11th Sep, 2010 18:55
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Hello again.
I can't find any reference to TC in Secunia's program list. Your post is the only thread on the forum concerning it, from what I can see.
Having done a quick Google search, the version you have updated to seems to be the very latest.
It's probable that you will need to "Suggest it for monitoring ". See the box/field....Program missing/suggest for monitoring in the lower half of the Insecure tab in psi or Are you missing a program ? Right of" Limit results to" line, in psi 2.0 Beta. Fill in the required info and be prepared to wait a short while.
Hope this is of some assistance..........regards,

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Maurice Joyce RE: totalcmd.exe misidentified
Handling Contributor 11th Sep, 2010 23:58
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Total Commander 7 is registered by Secunia here:

Have U got a secure copy registered in the PATCHED section as well as one in the END OF LIFE?


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This user no longer exists RE: totalcmd.exe misidentified
Member 13th Sep, 2010 11:18

I am afraid I have been unable to reproduce this issue. I downloaded and installed TotalCommander (from the official TC site:, and after running a full scan, the PSI showed Total Commander 7.x, with the version number, as expected.

Where did you fetch your installer?
And do you have more than one entry for Total Commander?
If you are running the Secunia PSI version 1.x, please switch to advanced mode (By clicking "Advanced" in the top right corner).
Is there an entry for Total Commander in both the Patched and End-Of-Life tabs?

hope this helps.
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zuvuya RE: totalcmd.exe misidentified
Member 14th Sep, 2010 15:00
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There was an old install of total commander from back when it was called wincomander. I removed that and all is well.

Thanks for the replies
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