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sweatynumbthumb Re: Zombie programs
Member 11th Sep, 2010 21:01
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What is exactly meant by the term 'zombie' programs, and if I cannot uninstall them can I at least delete them?
Or should I leave them be and make them an 'ignore rule'? Many Thanks in advance.

hp pavilion
vista 32-bit
3gb ram / +1gb readyboost

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mogs RE: Re: Zombie programs
Member 11th Sep, 2010 21:40
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RE: Zombie file?
12th Aug, 2010 08:37
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Last edited on 12th Aug, 2010 09:35 Hi,

Zombie files are extra installation of patched software that remains on your disk. They are a new feature that was added in the PSI 2.0 TP.

Deploying patches will usually do nothing to update them, and they are frequently detected on backup drives. The detection and flagging of zombie files is a new feature to the PSI 2.0 TP, which we hope will make using the PSI more clear.

If you hover your mouse over the little questionmarks (?) next to words in the PSI, a pop-up explaining the feature will be shown.

Before removing anything, please be certain that you won't affect any newer installations, possibly by comparing the installation path of the programs.

hope this helps.


Kind regards,

Emil R. Petersen
Secunia PSI Support


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