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PSI 2.0 Beta

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eggbox User interface
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I just downloaded the BETA and am quite pleased with the redesign of the user interface but there are some issues that are annoying and stop me making full use of the software.

Note that I am using a Netbook that has a screen resolution of 1024x600.

The Quick Summary pane cuts off some text in the State of programs: section, this should be scrollable to allow the user to see everything in the pane.

On the Settings page, I cannot see the text for the last checkbox in the PSI Settings. May

The header control of the Results page is weird, it is difficult to hit the resizing part of the header without initiating the sort dropdown. Maybe the menu for sorting and selecting columns should be initiated by a right-click.


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This user no longer exists RE: User interface
Member 13th Sep, 2010 09:32

Thank you for your feedback. The issue concerning resizing in the Secunia 2.0 Beta is already known, though I have forwarded your comments to our developers.

I will ensure your comment about the column headers reach our developers.

Thank you for reporting.
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