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beaskid Sun Java JRE 1.5x/5.x
Member 13th Sep, 2010 19:19
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Secunia shows this as insecure/end of life and could expose....

However, on searching for this to delete it, my search comes up that this could not be found.

How do I solve this problem - removing it from my Secunia warning?

Rescanning doesn't removing it.

I am using XP SP3

mogs RE: Sun Java JRE 1.5x/5.x
Member 13th Sep, 2010 19:37
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It would help if you could perhaps include more info....version of psi; OS....and the file path to the insecurity.
Whether you are using psi in the Advanced mode or the new Beta version ?
If you click on the + sign alongside the insecurity it will expand to reveal the file path . Old files/versions are oft left behind after update.
The above-mentioned items are generally useful in resolving matters.
If however, you read thro' the following thread...and particularly the post by Maurice Joyce; you should find it of help in this first instance. JAVA PROBLEMS

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