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Du77y Adobe AIR 1.x
Member 14th Sep, 2010 04:58
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It would appear that air was bundled with CS4 I am not able to delete it is there a way I can get rid of it. I have read all the threads but just don't seem to see anything that applies. Thing says I don't have permission to delete the .dll file? Any Ideas? Thanks

TiMow RE: Adobe AIR 1.x
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Unfortunately, embedded versions of third party software (in this case Adobe's own), don't get updated as with the stand alone version.

The advice is to contact the vendor to make them aware (I'm sure Adobe is) and ask if an update will be available to rectify this - takes time and unlikely to yield quick results if at all.

If you have stand alone Air installed (current v. in Patched tab, PSI), you may want to consider renaming the Air.dll element within CS4, by navigating to it's file location (Open Folder for CS4, from expanded entry from Patched or Insecure tab on PSI Advanced), and adding " _old " after the existing entry for Air (icon on r.h.s of Windows Explorer) - if permission is given. This will prevent the Air element from functioning within the program.

You will then have to monitor the operation of CS4 to see if it functions correctly (using stand alone Air when needed(?)) - if not, undo the change.

If able to rename OK, then reboot and rescan PSI to see if this removes the insecurity listed for Air 1.x. on PSI.


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This user no longer exists RE: Adobe AIR 1.x
Member 14th Sep, 2010 09:13

Since the PSI is a Security Patch checker, it doesn't strive to detect embedded runtimes like Air in this case. If you can post the "Installation Path" to the detected instance of Adobe Air here, I can correct our scanning rules, so only CS4 will be detected.

In the Secunia PSI 1.x, you can obtain the Path to an installation by entering advanced mode (By clicking "Advanced" in the top right corner), navigating to the Insecure Tab, clicking "+" to expand the entry, and copying the field "Installation Path".

hope this helps.
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Teddy2k RE: Adobe AIR 1.x
Member 14th Sep, 2010 18:31
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Please disregard... I had the same thing come up on my end, but I found that it was detecting files in the folder that contained the CS4 installation files.
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