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PSI 2.0 Beta

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jfreibe How can I add external HD drives?
Member 15th Sep, 2010 01:35
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PSI 2.0 Beta recognizes one out of four external HD drive letters. Should be able to add or exclude drive letters.

This user no longer exists RE: How can I add external HD drives?
Member 15th Sep, 2010 10:39

In the PSI 2.0 Beta, on the Settings Tab under "Detected Drives" you can (de)select drives for scanning. All your drives should be visible. Is this the case?

If not, and the problems can be exactly defined as "Some of my currently connected external drives show up in the PSI, but some don't" could I ask you to provide us with a debug log? To obtain such a log, please follow these instructions:

1) Open the command line by typing "cmd" either in the Start > Run box (for XP) or directly in the Start menu search bar (for Vista and Win7).
2) type these two commands exactly, preserving quotes:
cd "%ProgramFiles%\Secunia\PSI"
psi.exe --verbose --debug secunia.txt

The PSI will not start in debug mode. Please run a full rescan, and go to the Settings tab to verify the problematic drives aren't shown.

When sending us the debug log at (Please do not post any part of the log here - it is confidential, and contains your personal information), please include a brief explaination of the purpose of each mounted drive, whether any are external (connected via. USB or other), and a link to this thread (we get a log of PSI 2.0-related debug logs).

hope this helps.
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