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secunidoe FFmpeg is not always detected
Member 15th Sep, 2010 19:25
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I'm using a well-known codec pack ( ) and FFmpeg is not detected on my computer after installation.

Maybe it is not easy to detect since FFmpeg doesn't provide a standard binary distribution themselves, but since any website could exploit a flaw in FFmpeg thanks to the Windows Media Player plug-in, it's very important for it to be detected properly.

(This also applies to other components included in CCCP, such as demuxers which are not detected either).

This user no longer exists RE: FFmpeg is not always detected
Member 16th Sep, 2010 10:24

If you are missing a piece of software, you can suggest it and we will attempt to add it to our database, or correct any deviation in the rules.

To suggest a progam in the PSI 2.0 Beta, simply navigate to the Results tab and click the "Are you missing a program?" button, then filling out the form.

For the PSI in versions 1.x, you need to navigate to either the Insecure, Patched or End-Of-Life tabs, scroll to the bottom, and click the "Missing Program?" button, and fill out the form.

hope this helps.
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