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saint satin stain Comparison of browsers with Gecko rendering engine
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SeaMonkey 2.0.7 is my default internet application, but I also use Firefox and K-Meleon, and Internet Explorer 8. I use multiple browsers as elements in my filing system.

I may be wrong; I haven't done a systematic study. I believe that SeaMonkey and K-Meleon are more secure than Firefox and Internet Explorer, probably Thunderbird too but I don't have it installed. I use Windows Live Mail now for Hotmail but may use Thunderbird for Hotmail; that way I can compare.

I recollect that PSI seems to find more exploits for IE and Windows Live Mail , and Firefox than it does for SeaMonkey and K-Meleon. Is it my imagination?

I can understand and guess that K-Meleon is so simple with smaller code base that mistakes in coding seldom occur. SeaMonkey though has the largest code, so why fewer (or am I wrong about this?) exploits found. Are the SeaMonkey folk more careful?

Has any one studied this?

SeaMonkey, as I measured, uses less memory than the combo Thunderbird and Firefox. Tb and Ff work well together but not as well as SeaMonkey.

I recommend SeaMonkey for most home users and it may have some attractions for geekdom.

Maurice Joyce RE: Comparison of browsers with Gecko rendering engine
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U can check them all & compare using the Secunia Advisories


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