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E_Pericoloso_Sporgersi About Splunk Two Vulnerabilities
Member 16th Sep, 2010 20:40
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When, after subscribing to Secunia Advisories, I for the first time received a Secunia E-mail about "Splunk Two Vulnerabilities", I immediately went for my dictionary and I consulted Google Translate (because English is not my native language).

All in vain.

Until I read the E-mail halfway through and realised that "splunk" is NOT an English verb I didn't yet know. It simply appears to be the name of software I never even heard of before.


Wouldn't you agree that "Splunk Two Vulnerabilities" is rather short and cryptic as a subject line for an E-mail?

BTW. PSI 2 beta states that my system score is 100 %. Why does the forum claim that my system is at 93 % ?

E Pericoloso Sporgersi

It is dangerous to lean out [of Windows] !

This user no longer exists RE: About Splunk Two Vulnerabilities
Member 17th Sep, 2010 13:06

Thank you for your feedback. I will forward it to the appropriate people, who will consider your suggestion.
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