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PSI 2.0 Beta

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brian dennis Beta feedback
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As a longstanding Secunia user I was always happy with the earlier product it was easy to use and trouble free. I have recommended it to many friends who now are commited users. I am sure that you wish to stay up with the market and that your people have spent many hours developing 2.0 beta and that you have good reason to invest time and resources into this new product However despite my reluctance to appear negative I fail to see what you have achieved. The previous release was fine and after using the beta release can say that it is also Ok.

This user no longer exists RE: Beta feedback
Member 17th Sep, 2010 09:40

If you have any specific suggestions for improvement in the PSI 2.0 Beta, please let us know, and I will forward your comments and suggestions to our developers.

What we at Secunia consider the (currently released ;) big feature is the Automatic Updates. This is a significant change in the amount of energy the end-user has to dedicate to patching, and should (hopefully) make staying Secure easier and simpler.

Please don't hestitate to let us hear all your feedback and thoughs - It's why we have a beta period, after all.
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