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Swood02 Results "missing"
Member 17th Sep, 2010 16:08
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I'm running latest version of PSI 2.0 Beta. Thank you for your work on this product which I recommend heartily to my friends and associates.

On the dashboard page, it's not immediately clear what "results" refers to. Saying "scan results" would clarify this.

PSI also reports "missing" results, when it appears that what is "missing" is not a "result" but an implementation of a recommended solution to the result of a scan.

I don't have a suggestion about how to reword this, but I think the terminology could be improved.

The object should be to avoid making the user figure out what is meant so that he/she can begin whatever work is necessary to fix the problem which PSI has so helpfully identified.

This user no longer exists RE: Results "missing"
Member 20th Sep, 2010 09:42

Thank you for your feedback. I will ensure your comment(s) reaches our developers.
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