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BikePC Separate profiles for dual boot WinXP & Win7 ?
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On my laptop I have a dual boot setup with Windows XP SP3 and Windows 7 64-bit (default). In both environments I have Secunia PSI 1.5.02 installed.
Both installations share the same PSI registration/profile with my name 'BikePC'. This situation has the effect that when I'm in Windows7 also the programs and files in Windows XP are monitored and vice versa. What I want is that when I'm in Windows 7 only the active Windows 7 programs are monitored and when I'm in Windows XP only the Windows XP programs.
How can I achieve this? Do I have to register two separate PSI installations with different user names?
Thanks, Pim

thedillpickl RE: Separate profiles for dual boot WinXP & Win7 ?
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Hi Pim;

Same setup here. [edit: Win 7, 32 bit]

PSI 1.5.x.x will scan every hard drive attached to the computer, excluding thumb drives. The new 2.0 beta has addressed this issue by only scanning the drive/partition the active OS inhabits, or has scanable programs on.

Although Secunia has done a wonderful job on this and previous beta's (much better than most), be aware, it is still a beta. That said, if it is important to not have scan every drive on the machine, I'd give it a try.

Here's the original thread for PSI 2.0 with the download link:



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