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PSI 2.0 Beta

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runrig Chrome not updated
Member 18th Sep, 2010 14:59
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I have Google Chrome 6.0.472.62

PSI is showing 6.0.472.59 as patched

This has happened before, in fact on last Chrome update


Chrome is default browser

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TiMow RE: Chrome not updated
Dedicated Contributor 18th Sep, 2010 17:55
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Using PSI, I had the same as you reported - 6.0.472.59 showing as patched, and About Chrome showing 6.0.472.62.

Went to the file location in Windows Explorer to check both were present, then deleted the old file. Pop up bubble showed Chrome ...59 and Gears removed.

Re-scanned PSI - pop up bubble showed new programs of Chrome ...62 and Gears. Correct version (...62) showing in Patched and Chrome is present under Secure Browsing ( only).

Even with the differences with 2.0 beta, a rescan of PSI may do the trick, also, for you.


ADDITION: In the following Secunia Vuln. Rep. relating to insecure embedded flash plug-in in Chrome, @Kurosh has posted that this has been fixed in the latest update, correctly relaying the info. in the Chrome blog link he posted.

As of time of posting Secunia rules are not reflecting this according to Chrome listing under Secure Browsing ( - still showing as a cat. 5 threat.

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mogs RE: Chrome not updated
Member 18th Sep, 2010 20:42
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This information was also posted in CYBERCLIPS 95 at 0937hrs this morning.
Tho' I've got psi 2.0 Beta installed, have neither Stable nor Beta Chrome nor Frame, so unable to comment on other findings.
I have to rely on my own memory faculties when it comes to removing old dev and canary build files !! The actual release timings are oft when I 'm out at work ! Hope this is informative.

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This user no longer exists RE: Chrome not updated
Member 20th Sep, 2010 09:07

Our rules have been updated. If you run a full rescan, the PSI will flag any version prior to 6.0.472.62 as Insecure.

hope this helps.
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