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albatrol Firefox Update
Member 19th Sep, 2010 06:12
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Firefox has now Version 3.6.10

Secunia has Auto-Update History for Mozilla Firefox 3.6.x:
Sonntag, 19. September 2010 05:39:48 --> Ran installation of version 3.6.9

mogs RE: Firefox Update
Member 19th Sep, 2010 08:50
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You may find an explanation for the situation in the following thread :-
Tho' some posts within it are concerned with other matters.....see Anthony Wells posts regarding FF.
Hope it helps...........regards,

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This user no longer exists RE: Firefox Update
Member 20th Sep, 2010 09:03

The PSI is not responsible for this particular update. According to Secunia rules, the latest secure version is 3.6.9 - this is the version the PSI will auto-update you too.

It appears that mozilla have added a feature to install updates for Firefox without prompting - I suggest you contact Mozilla if you have any further questions about this update.
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Anthony Wells RE: Firefox Update
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Hello Emil ,

This is what the Mozilla Ff "changelog" states concerning version 3.6.10 :-

"Fixed a single stability issue affecting a limited number of users "

This means that some people on updating to the secure 3.6.9 could not run it because of a crash problem . 3.6.10 was rushed out to allow those compromised users to get the "latest/secure" version - not withstanding the ongoing SA41244 .

I cannot find where Mozilla/Ff have instituted a "new/unprompted" method of updating ; however some updated to 3.6.9 by the PSI might/could have found themselves with an unstable/unusable browser and 3.6.10 fixes that problem .

Hope that is clearer .



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