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davidb09 Uninstaller Ineffective
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The Flash Player Uninstaller DOES NOT DO ITS JOB. Old version 82.76 is not cleaned out despite repeated efforts, apparent success and then restart as advised.

I am using 32 bit/XP/Firefox 4 Beta 4.

This whole business of obstinate redundant Flash Player versions has been a longstanding blemish on Adobe's reputation. When are they going to get their act together???

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TiMow RE: Uninstaller Ineffective
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In order for all old flash to be effectively removed, using the Uninstaller, then all programs that use flash have to be exited. This includes PSI - right click tray icon and exit - and all browsers, plus anything else (Messenger), otherwise the old (insecure) .ocx file (for ActiveX) isn't removed.

You can do this manually - navigate to the file location using Windows Explorer, or Open Folder from PSI. On r.h.s. (icons) look for Flash 10i.ocx - this can be (right click) deleted. The current update is Flash 10k.ocx, which should be present if updated (and left).

Full PSI rescan advised, after unintsallation and latest update installation.


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wr RE: Uninstaller Ineffective
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Hi all

Here's my .02 for handling update on Adobe Flash.

Went to FileHippo & downloaded AFP for ActiveX & NPAPI
& saved to desktop. I then uninstalled both NPAPI & ActiveX
using VS Revouninstaller Pro as it uses the Flash uninstaller
from Adobe. All instances of programs that might use AFP were
closed first before uninstallation began. Then rebooted to be
sure all ocx files were deleted. Then installed (one
at a time) ActiveX & NPAPI of AFP. Rebooted, ran full
program scan (v. VIOLA! it worked--100%
score & new AFP for both NPAPI & ActiveX detected (

Hope this helps.

Regards, wr

EDIT: Forgot to ad that you ALWAYS want to go here:
This is not a website it's the actual Global Settings Manager for AFP. wr

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davidb009 RE: Uninstaller Ineffective
Member 22nd Sep, 2010 17:09
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TiMow's advice to manually locate and delete the old .ocr file (which I did via Windows search) was simple and 100% effective (after I closed down Flash user programs). I then uninstalled Flash, restarted, got the PSI confirmation that both the old and the current version were uninstalled, and reinstalled. Bingo!

HOWEVER, my original point remains, surely? Yes, I am a human being and can get the job done provided with essential information, as above. But what is the point of Adobe pretending that a totally useless uninstall program is up to the job, when it clearly isn't? It would be far better to offer guidance text to execute the above sequence.

As an engineer, but not a particularly expert computer user, I am most grateful for the help so swiftly provided. No problem. But what happens to the next, probably totally inexperienced and non-technical person who has the same problem?

Can someone give the Adobe people a blast, please??

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