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The_Robbies Icon Task bar
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Hello to everybody,

Wonderful program. I use it quit a wile now and I'm very content with it.
I have a suggestion:
Is it possible that when all the programs are patched that you have a green Secunia logo in the task bar and of course when it goes wrong a red one.
When you boot your computer only then when you work on it, then you see passing by the messages. But my pc works as an internet server so I have to check it with hoovering my mouse above the icon.
This of course also for the other versions.
An other thing:
Secunia for drivers?

With regards,



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This user no longer exists RE: Icon Task bar
Member 22nd Sep, 2010 10:43

I am afraid the logo's color isn't likely to change. The Secunia Red color isn't just to indicate your status as Secure/Insecure - It's a fundemental aspect of our Corporate Logo.

The PSI will only notify you via. pop-up when it has run a full scan. We are working on other means of notification, which will be implemented in later versions of the PSI 2.x.

Regarding your driver suggestion, keep in mind that the PSI is not a general update checker, but a Security Patch checker. This means that the PSI will only recommend or deploy a patch if doing so fixes a known vulnerability.
The PSI will attempt to update drivers if there is a known vulnerability in the unpatched version of the driver, but is not a general driver update checker.

Thank you for all your feedback.
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