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PSI 2.0 Beta

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Mark.Murphy Backspace bug
Member 23rd Sep, 2010 13:57
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If I open the PSI 2.0 beta and, after the dashboard screen has loaded, hit the backspace key then the window changes back to the "Please wait while network connectivity is verified" message.

I'm not sure if this is expected behavour or not, but the bug is that network connectivity is not verified and the message never disappears.

If I use Fiddler to monitor HTTP traffic while while PSI initially starts, I can see psi.exe making calls to and as well as https traffic to, along with generic TCP connect requests. This is occuring while the initial "Please wait while network connectivity is verified" message is displayed.

After hitting backspace and seeing the message again, I see no such network traffic reported in Fiddler.

This user no longer exists RE: Backspace bug
Member 24th Sep, 2010 09:45

Thank you for your feedback. Having tested it, I can say that you've stumbleded upon an obscure bug in the PSI! I will notify our developers about this issue, and they will be looking into the problem.
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