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JIMZIE Network
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I thought Secunia was going to scan for local NETWORK VULNERABILITIES.

This user no longer exists RE: Network
Member 27th Sep, 2010 09:57

Are you referring to the Secunia Personal Software Inspector (PSI)? While this product is free, it does not have any capability for scanning computers other than the local machine where it is installed. This product is intended for home use, and with it, we at Secunia hope to help casual users stay secure while travelling internetland. :)

The Secunia Corporate Software Inspector (CSI) is not free, but does have the capability for scanning your entire network, as well as a range of build-in updating and reporting features aimed at larger networks. You can see a description of this product here:

If you are interested in the CSI, you can download the trial from the link above, and try the CSI before buying. If you are looking to purschase a license for the CSI, contact

hope this helps.
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