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PSI 2.0 Beta

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Asphyxie Windows 7 insecure
Member 26th Sep, 2010 04:02
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False positive? Only get this with Secunia beta 2.0

Program Name:
Microsoft Windows 7

Security State:

Download Link:

Missing Microsoft Patches (KB numbers):

Instances Found:

Last System Scan (localtime):
25. Sep 2010, 13:00

Operating System:
Microsoft Windows 7,

When go to fix it , the update does not apply to my pc.

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mogs RE: Windows 7 insecure
Member 26th Sep, 2010 08:22
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Below is a recent official reply given to someone with a similar predicament :-

RE: PSI says Windows 7 is insecure
23rd Sep, 2010 09:24


When updating Microsoft Applications, it is a good idea to keep in mind that some updates only "kick in" after a reboot. Therefore, it is recommended to follow this procedure when updating Microsoft Applications (Unless, of course, simply rescanning your system has fixed the alert).

1) Check Microsoft Update, install all patches flagged as "Critical"
2) Reboot
3) Repeat step 1, and if anything was installed at this step, repeat step 2
4) Rescan with the PSI

hope this helps.


Kind regards,

Emil R. Petersen
Secunia PSI Support

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I noted that you are using psi 2.0 Beta....but for the purpose of scanning, the core engine is fundamentally the same as in previous versions apparently.
Hope this is of some assistance.........regards,

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Maurice Joyce RE: Windows 7 insecure
Handling Contributor 26th Sep, 2010 18:38
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KB979309 was an April 2010 Security update for Windows 7.

I would:

1. Check your update history via the Action Centre. Is it installed?

2. Try an install from here:


Microsoft Surface 4 Intel i7 64Bit
Windows 10 Pro version 1809 Build 17763.404
IE & Edge Only
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