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poemchain adobe flash player active x control.
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when you update this using the auto, it does not remove the old active x control programme, you have to do this and if you are not in the advanced mode of secunia you will not be able to see what is wrong.

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Member 27th Sep, 2010 10:42

You are correct. The installer currently available from Adobe will fail to remove old versions if any application that uses Flash is running when the installer is executed.

Applications that use Flash include all browsers, much assorted software, and the PSI prior to the version 2.0 Beta.

To successfully update Flash, you can first download the installer, then close all applications using it (Including the PSI in 1.x versions), and run the installer.
Alternatively, you can first use Adobe's Flash Uninstaller (Found here:, and then install the newest version.

The "Simple" tab in PSI 1.x versions deliberately tries to hide issues such as these, as they are usually confusing to the typical user.

However, most of these complications have been ironed out in the Secunia PSI 2.0 Beta. In this version, the PSI no longer uses flash, is capable of updating Flash automatically, and will test if any applications are using Flash before running the installer. All in all, updating Flash (and many other "problematic" applications) in the Secunia PSI 2.0 Beta should be a breeze, and will be accomplished with no user interaction.

If you are interested in trying the Beta, you can download it from the Original Post in this thread:

hope this helps.
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