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billandcarolyn Office 2007
Member 4th Oct, 2010 01:59
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I keep getting a lot of insecure programs on Office 2007. My son works on computers and he can not figure this out. What's going on?

mogs RE: Office 2007
Member 4th Oct, 2010 06:39
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You need to provide more information for someone to be able to help you.
What is your Operating System ? What version of psi are you using ?
What is/are the path/s to the insecurities/vulnerabilities ?
As a general rule, old files/versions get left behind whenever updating, and they continue to be detected, even if still residing in the Recycle bin.
If you aren't already using the Advanced interface...switch to it :( Simple/Advanced: top right of the psi panel ); for more information.
To ascertain the file path in version and psi, click on the + sign, left alongside the will expand to reveal the file path....another click on Tech Details and it will confirm it.
If using psi 2.0 Beta, click on the +sign to see it, and double click for more information.
If uncertain how to proceed, post that info, together with that requested above, back to the forum.
Hope this helps......regards,

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This user no longer exists RE: Office 2007
Secunia Official 4th Oct, 2010 08:29

For Microsoft Office programs, it's recommended to apply all security related updates from Microsoft Update.

Please note that you will have have to manually set Windows Update up to also include other Microsoft Products than the Windows Operating System.

Clicking the download links in the PSI for Microsoft Office, a website should open and guide you through the process.

Then open the Windows/Microsoft Update tool and check for updates.
Apply the updates (and restart your computer if needed)
Rescan with the PSI.
michaelsalis RE: Office 2007
Member 4th Oct, 2010 15:40
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hi billandcarolyn

I have Office 2007 Microsoft are always patching the various programs included in the Suite.

Norton 360 keeps a record of the various Security Patches and it is not unusual for it to record Security fixes for the Office Suite in double figures each month particularly on the monthly cycle of Microsoft updates and fixes.

For instance in the September Norton recorded 20 seperate fixes and a similar number in August. Updates to the Office suite have regularly taken up more than 50% of the monthly patches issued by Microsoft.

So it is not unusual to see a large number of fixes so long as you download and install the updates/patches/fixes there should be no problem.

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