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This user no longer exists IE 9?
Member 4th Oct, 2010 02:19
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Will Secunia add IE9 to PSI, even though it is a BETA?

Or, will we need to wait until the official release?

mogs RE: IE 9?
Member 4th Oct, 2010 06:17
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Hello again.
Secunia doesn't monitor Beta progs, as you know; nor my Dev and Canary Build Chrome and others besides. Tho' of course, the psi 2.0 Beta is an exception to the rule. I'm not aware of any forthcoming policy shift/ seems more likely you'll have to wait for IE9 to become Stable.
It might be that Secunia will cease supporting other versions of psi once 2.0 Beta is Stable....tho' even then, not all progs will be auto-updateable.
Hope this helps.........regards,

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