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vh106 useless download link
Member 5th Oct, 2010 20:07
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I have really no idea how to fill out the form which is required to download the patch. So this download link is not helpful, it IS A PROBLEM.

PLEASE Secunia, such "downloads" are of absolutely no help whatsoever. They are even more harmful then useful, because it then looks like there is a solution where in fact is none. So if you provide a download link, please test that this link is operable. If it is not, like here where there is something in front which the user must fill out but does not know how, ABSTAIN FROM NOTING SUCH LINKS.

To determine if a download link is usable is easy:

If it can be downloaded using Lynx and you do not need to know any additional information, then the link is OK. If not, it is just waste of time to state it.

Any vendor, who does NOT provide such a link, is an idiot (according to Forest Gump) and does not deserve to be included in patch notices. You can phrase it more nicely like this:

"We cannot provide a download link because the vendor does not want to comply to common sense." (or similar)

But I think it would be better to clearly state those vendors are idiots, such that people who use software originated from there are warned.


PS: Please note that "payment required" qualifies for "useless", too. Not all people on this planet are able to comply to this "rule", perhaps due to a missing credit card, or because they are behind some restrictive border. If the patch is not freely downloadable, the product must be considered either "end of life" (if the product ceased to exist) or "abandoned version" (if there is a newer version which fixes the problem but the patch is not freely available).


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This user no longer exists RE: useless download link
Member 6th Oct, 2010 10:16

A product is only marked as "End-Of-Life" if the vendor declares it so.

Secunia only references the vendor's own resources for patching - In this case, this download site is the only available option. For customers of this vendor, and others who wish to obtain the patches for their products, this site is the only place the vendor guides them.

While it might be confusing, it should be possible to obtain a patch. I am afraid that there is nothing Secunia can do to change the way a vendor presents their patches to users.

Futhermore, it is generally better to have a troublesome site than no site at all. However, I will ensure that your suggestion reaches our developers.
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