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AdamFeldman Bug: Freeze opon Clicking "Scan Results"
Member 6th Oct, 2010 19:55
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So I downloaded the latest PSI 2.0 Beta (about 2 minutes ago. Worth noting just in case it is useful, still maintains the well known XP SP3 crash, however the DEP shortcut workaround still allows me to use the application.

Upon starting the application, it begins a full system scan (since it is overdue) and clicking on the scan results causes the program to hang for about two minutes before control is resumed.

Let me know how I can help if you need additional information.

This user no longer exists RE: Bug: Freeze opon Clicking "Scan Results"
Member 8th Oct, 2010 10:33

Are you still able to reproduce this issue?

If so, could I ask you to provide us with a debug log?
Before starting, please note that the debug log is confidential, and so you should not post any part of it here on the forum, but email it directly to us at

To obtain a debug log, first enter "cmd" in either the Start > Run box (for XP), or directly in the start menu search field (Vista or Win7). Then, enter these commands exactly:
cd "%ProgramFiles%\Secunia\PSI"
psi.exe --verbose --debug secunia.txt

The PSI will now start in debug mode. Please follow the steps to reproduce the issue, and send us the log file at, along with a reference to this thread.
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