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romipsi Languages in PSI 2.0 Beta
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RobertHerz RE: Languages in PSI 2.0 Beta
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Hello, first time I installed this programm, the PSI 2.0beta on a laptop. But they didn't offer this language detection as written in the Change Log, neither I found a way in the settings or in other places. Someone may help that I can use that feature or didn't it work cause of it is a Beta?
It is a XP Home SP3 fully patched Notebook.
Regards, Robert
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This user no longer exists RE: Languages in PSI 2.0 Beta
Member 7th Oct, 2010 10:20

There is currently no translation for the Secunia PSI 2.0 Beta's.

This is because this release is not entirely finished, and there are still things that can be dramatically altered before the final release. This could mean that, if we asked our translators to translate the current Beta, they would have to re-do much of their work when the release was final.
Obviously, we won't ask that of our fantastic team of volunteer translators.

We have, of course, retained our database of translated strings. A string that was used - in the exact same form - in the Secunia PSI 1.x versions won't have to be translated (obviously). However, it is still a substantial effort to translate the whole interface, and we won't ask it of our translation team.

The reason the currently translated strings aren't used is because, even with those strings, the translation would be incomplete/half-baked.

hope this helps.
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