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libove Automatic updates need manual intervention if things don't go perfectly on the first try
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I love the optional combination of automatic updates with manual approval - thanks very much for getting that in to the current beta version!

Previously, I had not tried automatic updates at all - so my comments here may be brought on only by the new functionality, or may have applied to automatic updates all along. I don't know which. Anyway -

I enabled automatic updates, and required manual approval first.
Yesterday, I re-scanned so that PSI would pick up the just-released Adobe Reader update, which PSI found promptly, now showing my Adobe Reader installation as insecure.

Two things to note about this:
1. I rescanned just the Adobe Reader program, not the whole system. I did this re-scan within the pop-up window for the details about Adobe Reader, because there is not a re-scan option within the more limited expanded view in the main program view list. (See my other thread about how I want to have everything do-able within the single list, without having to pop-up detail windows and go through several extra clicks...). **The "Approve Installation" option did not become visible until I closed the pop-up details window and returned to the summary list**.
REQUEST 1(A) If the pop-up window is to remain, either as an option, or as the only interface (please, no!) then the Approve Installation option must be added there too.

2. Back in the main prorgram view list, I approved the installation of the update to Adobe Reader. The interface promptly switched to "downloading", and a while later to "error downloading file". **Neither in the summary list nor in the pop-up detail window for this program was there an option to re-try the automatic update**. (I found that if I re-scanned the program then "Approve Installation" would once again appear in the main program view list). And I saw no place to get any feedback on why the download had failed. (In fact, it failed again just now, 12 hours later; maybe PSI isn't looking in the right place for this particular update?)
REQUEST 2(A) Please add a way to see diagnostic information about why the download failed (and more generally, any time anything abnormal occurs, please make those few debug log lines available automatically, without having to have started the program in debug mode).
REQUEST 2(B) If an automatic update has been approved (whether totally automatically without user intervention, or with the user having already given approval) and any part of the update process fails, please add sensible retry logic to give it a couple more attempts, and also please add something to more readily draw the user's attention to the fact that things are not working right (maybe cause the PSI tray icon to highlight/ cycle through a brighter red color than the normal "you're not 100% secure orange color)?

Thank you!

This user no longer exists RE: Automatic updates need manual intervention if things don't go perfectly on the first try
Member 7th Oct, 2010 10:41

Thank you for all your feedback!

I will ensure that all of your suggestions to our developers.

If you have any more (extraordinarily constructive) suggestions or comments, please create a thread, or write us at
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Anthony Wells RE: Automatic updates need manual intervention if things don't go perfectly on the first try
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Hi Jay and Emil ,

I second Jay's comments here and on other threads re the programme expansion system and tools layout .

Now we can tick the box and then double click the mini expansion or just double click the main entry and we get the full expansion window .

If you box click , for me it's great to have the open folder link to hand for my purposes , but the person with a problem needs the other tools unless they are all going to post the path to the Forum !! So the mini-expansion could be binned and let the box open the full expansion and at the same time a right click menu could be available to activate specific tool access - open folder , ignore folder , etc . Much easier to give directions to a newcomer this way and agreeable for the more experienced .

If I am in the the expansion window , I don't know how to keep it open should I wish to refer to another programme and it's tools in it's own expansion window . So , I really miss the way the old box click gave you an expanded page within the tab and it would stay open until one closed it .

The new" window has most of the bits and pieces , but some links are repetitive (in coming/directing to the Forum) and while the Troubleshoot Report is good , the rest of the GUI is much less intuitive - to my eyes .

Take care



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