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phpBB 3.x

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phpBB 3.x

Secunia phpBB 3.x
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Vulnerability report: phpBB 3.x

david.latapie RE: phpBB 3.x
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Good day to you,

I see that phpBB is affected by 4 Secunia advisories and 5 Vulnerabilities, but I cannot find a list of them. Could you please lead me to the list and the way to circumvent them?

Thank you.
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Anthony Wells RE: phpBB 3.x
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Bonjour David ,

Click the link on the left above the heading of this thread to go back to the "vulnerability report" ; middle left of that page are pale blue links for 2. statistics (by year) and 3. Advisories (also by year) select a year and then look down the page for the fully detailed info and links to individual Advisories etc .

The Advisory will tell you if/how you can patch the vulnerabilities .

Hope this clear , if not ask again .



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