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mhi Subversion 1.x "Install Solution" link not very helpful
Member 8th Oct, 2010 23:16
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I've installed Subversion 1.6.12 from, and PSI 2.0 Beta has just (correctly) pointed out that vulnerability SA41652 may apply to it. It offers me an "Install Solution" link, but this is wrong in several ways.

(1) It takes me to the out-of-date page -- should now be instead.

(2) It hasn't recognised that I have installed the SlikSVN distribution of this open-source software, for which the download link should be -- this would be the best distribution to use for an update.

(3) SlikSVN have not yet issued an update to 1.6.13, although some distributions have. By the time anyone reads this message, that update probably will have appeared.

Slightly off topic about the "solution" link is that I don't use the feature affected by SA41652, so I don't need to install an update for it.

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This user no longer exists RE: Subversion 1.x "Install Solution" link not very helpful
Member 11th Oct, 2010 09:20

Thank you for making us aware of the download page change. I have corrected our rules, and you will now be taken to the correct page if when you click "Install Solution".

As for alternative distributions of SVN. The PSI will always offer the "up-stream" version of a product, and stick to the original vendor of the programs we update.

However, the SlikSVN product should be detected seperately. If you want us to add this product to our database (and add a download link for it), please create a "software suggestion" by clicking "Are you missing a program?" on the Results tab, and filling out the form with a related executable. Once we receive your suggestion, we will ensure that SlikSVN gets detected.

hope this helps.
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