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PSI 2.0 Beta

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Cyndirandy Fabulous!
Member 9th Oct, 2010 20:47
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I just wanted to let everyone know that PSI 2.0 is a world above the previous versions! Downloaded and installed in a snap; using Firefox 3.6.10. It connected and loaded with no hiccups at all. The new Dashboard is easy to read and understand. The graphs are nice and clean. Thank you!!! XP Pro Sp.3

n8tw RE: Fabulous!
Member 10th Oct, 2010 03:48
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I agree, PSI 2.0 Beta is easier to use. I down-loaded and installed
it last week. Then I updated IE8 to IE9 Beta. Had some problems
which I didn't write in notebook. Big mistake. Next step was a system
restore to a point I had created a few days before. So that meant
I was back to PSI think) and IE8. Read some comments on
forum that some things still needed to be worked on before PSI 2.0 Beta
would work with IE9. But now using IE8 and PSI 2.0 Beta, and things
are working good. Also using Windows Vista 32 Bit and Avast Free 5.0.677
and being Handicapped it's nice having things working.
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mogs RE: Fabulous!
Member 10th Oct, 2010 10:43
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n8tw !!
I have IE8 and psi 2.0 Beta because they need each other...but once the successful install of psi is done, I revert back to Chrome as my default browser; ( keeping settings in IE8 intact.)
In my case I can have a little more of a thrill by using the Chrome dev version and run the canary-build alongside it. Tho' dev is the default, and like other betas, it is not monitored by Secunia..... psi only monitors stable apps.
The adventurous side to your nature shouldn't be constrained haps? Why wait for IE9 to become must have been in the mood for something a bit different ?
I'm really pleased with psi 2.0 Beta....havn't had half the problems I've read about....I still have a few things to do to help myself tho'....I have to remember to remove old versions of Chrome manually....tho' it does update itself quietly and effortlessly if I don't get there first !!
All the best for now.....regards,

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