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MacNala Flash Updates
Member 13th Oct, 2010 12:25
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When I scanned my system (Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit) today it showed 2 insecure programs (both Flash players - (NPAPI)). When I clicked the download solution button it offered the updates from including the Google toolbar which I rejected. The download manager was then downloaded and installed and nothing more happened.
I then connected to the Adobe site directly and when I tried to download the latest version a dialog popped up saying that Internet Explorer had stopped working and needed to close.
I cannot get the updates to Flash Player either way.

What am I dong wrong?

TiMow RE: Flash Updates
Dedicated Contributor 13th Oct, 2010 12:54
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I'm not sure that you've done anything wrong; or how your IE closing problem is related (or not).
I, and some other forum contributors, tend to use filehippo download for flash updates, as it doesn't come ('til now), with DLM or other stuff. Alternatively, there is another Adobe download link, that should also come free of baggage.

If you have flash NPAPI, I assume you have another browser other than IE - I would use that to download Uninstall Flash to clear out any possible flash problems, and then try re-installing current stable version(s). (for uninstall)

Once downloaded, but before running, close all programs that use flash - browsers, messenger and PSI (right click tray icon to exit fully).

Re-download and install flash 2 times
In IE for ActiveX and another browser for NPAPI.

Using and for IE:

and another browser (Firefox, Chrome, etc):


EDIT to correct faulty links.
2nd EDIT - a further thought - there is beta flash available, at present (Flash Player Beta 2) - unless you're keen to try betas, just check that you don't mistakenly download that (the links above are for stable). Is it possible that your failed update involved flash beta?

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Anthony Wells RE: Flash Updates
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@MacNala and TiMow ,

Just to clarify , you can use ANY browser to download ANY version of a Flash installer - be it the ActiveX or the NPAPI type - from either site .

Take care



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MacNala RE: Flash Updates
Member 13th Oct, 2010 17:42
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Procedure followed and cured problem. I think in part iot was due to the x64 and WOW64 situation. But it is cured thanks.
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