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james_whatsit release a scan only version of psi
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i recently downloaded secunia PSI and was very happy with the ease of use and overall usefulness of the program. unfortunately, i use a netbook and secunia psi cut down the speed slightly. as i regulate active processes, i uninstalled psi because of the (slight) drain on system resources. is it possible for secunia to release a 'scan only' version of psi, that you open up yourself every now and then to perform a scan and update all updatable programs.

another option to this would be to have a 'disable updaters for supported programs' option. it would be nice just to have just PSI notifying u when a program is out of date rather than the quagmire of 'update assist' type programs taking up system resources (and bugging you).

Anthony Wells RE: release a scan only version of psi
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@James_Whatsit ,

You do not say which version of the PSI you are using , but in both the 1.x stable and 2.x Beta you can disable start on boot and programme monitoring - in the "settings" tab/page . You then run the PSI when you have time and system to spare .

The rest of the non-scan stuff is pretty essential . I'm not sure how the PSI could otherwise update you on your system needs if it is not running . The OSI on-line scan only covers the main danger programmes and is no quicker than getting the fuller data from the PSI .

If you log-in and go to your Forum profile you can select a load of update info to be sent by email .

Hope that helps .



It always seems impossible until its done.
Nelson Mandela
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This user no longer exists RE: release a scan only version of psi
Member 14th Oct, 2010 11:01

Thank you for your feedback.
I will ensure that your suggestion reaches our developers for consideration.

However, as Anthony has already noted, the PSI can already be "stripped down", if one should so wish, by disabling all the features (on the settngs tab) that aren't critical for simply running scans. Disabling Program Monitoring and Automatic Updates should allow you to use the PSI as a "scan-only" program.

hope this helps.
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